Two engineers reviewing a 3D printed medical device.

our Mission

Partner with healthcare organizations and use agile manufacturing to provide efficient, less expensive
solutions that reduce frustrations.

With PolyUnity's i3D healthcare solutions, traditional healthcare procurement is significantly reduced in cost and complexity. We deliver a complete Additive Manufacturing as a Service (AMaaS) solution to our healthcare partners & their networks.

our Team

We provide an energetic company culture and a welcoming team. We are a team of dreamers, makers, and movers. We have a drive to find meaning in what we do - we're curious, creative, and diverse. We build awesome stuff that helps people, and we have a lot of fun doing it together.

If you are seeking a meaningful career with an exciting and growing health-tech company, then apply today to join our team!

PolyUnity team on a hike.


  • We connect & empower our partner networks to achieve the extraordinary.
  • We provide tools to see problems differently and collaborate to solve them.
  • We lend our voice to help communicate your ideas & overcome challenges.
  • We prioritize agility by keeping it simple & prioritizing people over process.
  • We are committed to our vision & care intensely about our cause.
  • We are optimistic about the future & believe in our ability to shape it.
  • We advocate for an ecosystem built around reducing barriers to innovation.
  • We embrace sustainability & strive to make things better.
  • We believe diversity leads to better connections, discussions & outcomes.
  • We foster a fun, safe & inclusive environment for teamwork & creativity.
  • We seek great people to work with & promote their continuous growth.
  • We value work-life balance & flexibility in an increasingly digital world.
  • We are driven to redefine our client's definition of what is possible.
  • We learn eagerly & are not afraid of failure.
  • We search for different perspectives & experiences other than our own.
  • We are cross-functional & contribute outside of our specialties to grow.
  • We strategize & make decisions aligned with our long term vision.
  • We target issues at their root cause & avoid treating symptoms.
  • We use data to support our intuition & challenge our assumptions.
  • We seek to make wise decisions despite ambiguity.
  • We are built on a foundation of compassion, respect & transparency.
  • We listen actively & seek to understand before responding.
  • We welcome constructive discussion & debate as catalysts for growth.
  • We provide candid, tactful & timely feedback to colleagues & partners.

Career opportunities

If you are optimistically excited about the future and believe in your ability to shape it, we want to hear from you. Join us today and let’s make great things happen!

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