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Improving Healthcare

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We help healthcare providers

Design, access & produce what you need, on-demand


ideas become reality

Novel solutions to challenges, quickly


suited to your needs

Digital twins for supply chain resiliency


accessible forever

Minimize equipment downtime

Two engineers reviewing a 3D printed medical device.

our Mission

Partner with healthcare organizations and use agile manufacturing to provide efficient, less expensive solutions that reduce frustrations.

With PolyUnity's i3D healthcare solutions, traditional healthcare procurement is significantly reduced in cost and complexity. We deliver a complete Additive Manufacturing as a Service (AMaaS) solution to our healthcare partners & their networks.




collaborative web service

A library of validated digital designs, ordering, on-demand production, and product collaboration features at your fingertips.

digital manufacturing

Localized On-demand production

We use the latest in Additive Manufacturing technologies, advanced materials & processes for production & prototyping.

digital inventory

Specialized for healthcare

A problem solved in one hospital is a solution accessible to the world, tap into the power of collaboration.

professional services

design, management & support

Our experts become an extension of your solution team to collaborate on challenges big and small.

our Network

Together, we can turn innovation from a buzzword into a reality. We are a creative partner who collaborates with you to see problems differently and provide solutions with innovative tools.

With a vision of empowering passionate healthcare providers to reimagine better outcomes, we are driven to redefine the definition of what is possible!

Engineers working on a 3D mockup of a medical device.

OUR partners

We connect and empower our partner networks to achieve the extraordinary while advocating for an ecosystem built around reducing barriers to innovation.

How Can We help?

As innovators in the health-tech sector, we are eager to explore new opportunities, apply our skills, and make a difference in the world.

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