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Healthcare organizations locally and around the world face an enormous challenge of delivering higher levels of service while driving productivity and efficiencies to ensure effective cost management of service delivery. Simultaneously, they are also challenged with inefficient procurement solutions, massive global supply chain issues, logistical management and uncertainties that dramatically increase costs.

PolyUnity Tech Inc. delivers value and benefits to healthcare organizations via a complete Additive Manufacturing as a Service (AMaaS) solution that reduces the cost, time and complexity of traditional healthcare procurement and builds supply chain resiliency.

We help healthcare providers design, access and produce what they need, on-demand.


Our secure, cloud-hosted web service enables access and sharing of a validated and client approved product catalog.

The i3D Health Portal manages the intake of new product ideas, requests, validation, and approval processes. Users can also order products (which initiates local manufacturing), request information, and view value metrics.

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Digital Manufacturing

PolyUnity offers its clients a fully managed onsite or local additive manufacturing solution, which includes production equipment (3D Printers), product materials, management software, updates, maintenance, and support

These facilities can be used by hospitals and healthcare providers for rapid prototyping, production, quality control, shipping, and distribution. With our solution, we provide a just-in-time, digital supply chain that provides benefits for mass customization, product innovation, job localization, and reducing the carbon footprint of manufacturing.

3D printers.

digital inventory

PolyUnity's i3D.Health Portal, provides clients with easy access to an online database of parts & products specialized for healthcare applications

The digital library is customized for each client based on approved and validated products. In addition, it facilitates strong community engagement in terms of viewing, sharing, and enhancing library content as well as supporting the introduction of novel products into the library. The network effect of our shared library from healthcare user engagement promotes the growth of parts & products content for all client users.

Professional Services

PolyUnity provides all required professional services to deliver a complete managed additive manufacturing solution. Including, product design & engineering, onsite management of the production facility, project management, product validation & testing as well as support services

PolyUnity’s team of product designers and engineers are able to rapidly turn a client's problem into a prototype and validated commercial product. We do this by collaborating with clinical engineers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals. All digital product designs are made available via our i3D.Health Portal which hosts the product library.

An engineer and a doctor review 3D mockups.

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