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PolyUnity’s 3D Printing Services Coming to Horizon Health Network

June 14, 2024

Technology will improve access to health care resources for physicians and patients

(MIRAMICHI) Friday, June 14, 2024 – Horizon Health Network is launching a new, innovative project that will explore the use of PolyUnity Tech’s Additive-Manufacturing-as-a Service (AMaaS) solution to enhance patient care.

Display of 3D printed parts at Horizon Health Board of Directors Meeting in Miramichi, NB

This impactful partnership will establish Horizon as the preferred printing and distribution partner for PolyUnity on the mainland of Atlantic Canada, which will result in significantly increased 3D printing capacity.

The solution will be instrumental in the launch of Horizons new Imaging Enhancement Center (IEC) at Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital (SJRH).

The 3D printing process involves converting medical imaging data into detailed, accurate3D models, allowing surgeons to have a better understanding of complex anatomical structures. This helps to reduce surgical risks and allow for clear and concise treatment explanations for patients and their families.

PolyUnity’s AMaaS solution is a fully managed product design, digital inventory and 3D printing manufacturing solution that enables health care providers to design, access and produce what they need on demand. The solution has been proven to reduce the cost, time, and complexity of traditional health care procurement, resulting in more efficient and better-quality patient care.

“This work is another significant step for PolyUnity and its impact across Atlantic Canada,” said Jennifer Sheils, Horizon’s Vice President Strategy, Transformation and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). “PolyUnity continues to be a fantastic partner in helping organizations like Horizon move forward to build supply chain resilience, decrease procurement costs, and enhance patient care.”

President of PolyUnity, Mark Gillingham with Jennifer Sheils, VP Strategy, Transformation & Chief Innovation Officer, & Zach Kilburn, VP of Professional Services & Head of Diagnostic Imaging at Horizon

A unique feature of this Canadian technology is its digital library that lets users see what other health care organizations across the country are designing and printing. The result is a catalogue of innovation that can be leveraged by health care providers, regardless of

“Our healthcare organizations are continuously asked to do more with less. This is why innovation becomes critical to delivering value-based healthcare services. We’re excited that Horizon Health Network recognizes the transformational impact of 3D printing,”
said Jacqueline Lee, CEO, PolyUnity Tech Inc.

This project is being supported by the Coordinated Accessible National (CAN) Health Network – a federally funded organization that works with Canadian health care operators (called Edges), to identify their biggest challenges and match them with
Canadian-made technology solutions.

“This partnership is another example of how the CAN Health Network is empowering the innovation and health care sectors to come together and use their technology in a way that will benefit all Canadians. Horizon Health Network’s project with PolyUnity will use 3D printing to transform medical imaging into accurate 3D models, which will help surgeons better understand their patients,” said the Honourable Rechie Valdez, Minister of Small Business. “This partnership will not only reduce surgical risks and procurement costs but also improve patient care and outcomes. Congratulations to Horizon and PolyUnity on this great project.”

In 2023, PolyUnity became the first Atlantic-based company in the CAN Health Network to scale through a National RFP after completing a project with Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services (formerly Eastern Health). In recognition of this achievement
and for its impact on the province’s health care system, PolyUnity was named the CAN Health Network 2023 Company of the Year.

“The CAN Health Network is proud to see PolyUnity continue to scale across the Network and beyond” said Dr. Dante Morra, Founder and Chair, CAN Health Network. “This technology is strengthening Canada’s supply chain and reducing costs for our health care system.”

About Horizon Health Network

Horizon is the largest regional health authority – and one of the largest employers – in New Brunswick, and the second-largest health authority in Atlantic Canada. Our leadership and health care providers are experts in diverse areas of health and community services and provide services to a half a million people.Horizon has an annual budget of approximately $1.4 billion and has more than 14,000 employees, 1,242 physicians and many volunteers, as well as 17 foundations and 16 auxiliaries and alumnae organizations.

About PolyUnity

PolyUnity is a Canadian healthcare technology company with a driving purpose to “Improve Healthcare Experiences”. Their mission is to partner with healthcare organizations and use agile manufacturing to provide efficient, less expensive solutions that reduce frustrations. PolyUnity’s i3D healthcare solutions significantly reduces the cost and complexity of traditional healthcare procurement, builds supply chain resiliency and reduces its carbon footprint. It enables healthcare providers and their networks to design, access and produce what they need on-demand.

About the CAN Health Network

The CAN Health Network is a federally funded national organization working to introduce more Canadian innovation into Canada’s health system. The Network works with leading Canadian health care providers – referred to as Edges – to scale Canadian technology companies across Canada and beyond. By partnering Canadian companies directly with health care operators, CAN Health enables these companies and their solutions to be rapidly validated, procured and scaled across the Network.

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