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2023 CAN Health Network Awards

October 25, 2023

The CAN Health Network Awards were established in 2021 to recognize the Edges (Canadian health care operators), companies, partners, and individuals in the Network who are transforming health care in Canada, and leading the new health care economy.

1. The Network Award 

CAN Health Network’s highest honour. Recognizes those who demonstrate the power of collaboration in advancing Canada’s health care system and scaling Canadian innovation.


Sunnybrook and MOLLI Surgical worked together on a CAN Health commercialization project to improve breast cancer surgery for patients and health care providers using a wire-free and radiation-free technology for localizing lesions.

This project saw impactful results and satisfaction among radiologists, medical radiation technologists, and surgeons. Most importantly, it also had a tremendous impact on patients.

This project led to a procurement for Sunnybrook, and increased awareness for MOLLI Surgical across the Network, including the exploration of the technology’s impact on different patient populations.

The growth of MOLLI Surgical’s technology has been incredible to witness. From launching its first project in the Network, to being named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2022, this company is proving that Canada has what it takes to lead on a global scale.

2. Company of the Year Award

Recognizes the CAN Health Network company that achieves outstanding results during the project lifecycle and beyond. The selected company also demonstrates how the CAN Health Network model succeeds in breaking down barriers and helping Canadian companies scale. 

PolyUnity’s 3D Additive Manufacturing as a Service solution is helping health care organizations build supply chain resilience, decrease procurement costs, and enhance patient care. Thanks to this solution, health care providers can produce what they need on demand, limiting the need to outsource for inventory.

After completing a commercialization project with Eastern Health, now Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services, PolyUnity became the first Atlantic-based company in the CAN Health Network to scale through a National RFP.

3. Edge of the Year Award

Recognizes the healthcare organization that exemplifies what it means to be an Edge: consistently engaging and participating in CAN Health Network initiatives at all levels of the organization, and demonstrating a commitment to scaling Canadian innovation.

Grand River Hospital led a National RFP for a learning platform to help prepare frontline staff for accreditation. This led to the procurement of a solution developed by Waterloo-based company, Axonify, helping to open the doors for this Canadian company into the healthcare industry.

This Kitchener, Ontario-based hospital also launched two commercialization projects. The first with KA Imaging, which is exploring new x-ray technology that allows for improved patient monitoring and faster, more accurate diagnosis. And the second with Signal 1 – that will explore AI in predicting patient needs to improve quality and timeliness of care.

4. Trailblazer Award

Recognizes the CAN Health Network member who demonstrates exceptional leadership within the Network and stands out as a powerful voice in the healthcare industry; someone who continues to challenge the status quo

Crystal Trevors, Founder & CEO

Crystal Trevors is the CEO and Founder of Stepscan Technologies Inc – a woman-owned and operated Canadian technology company whose pressure measurement and movement solution is being used in hospitals and health care organizations internationally.

In addition to her role as CEO, Crystal also demonstrates exceptional leadership and a passion for transformational change in their role as a Life and Leadership Coach. Through this role, she supports other female entrepreneurs, and helps them gain the confidence and tools for success in business and life.

5. Impact Award

Recognizes the CAN Health Network Member that has made a significant contribution to Canada’s health care industry, and has positioned themselves as a leader in the Network.

16 Bit developed an AI-driven opportunistic screening tool to improve population bone health. It uses routinely captured x-rays to identify patients at high risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Since joining the CAN Health Network, this company’s solution has enabled Sunnybrook to screen over 1000 patients, of which 572 were identified as at-risk.

As of October 2023, 16 Bit has the only solution in the Network that is fully aligned with the ‘Quadruple Aim’. That is, not only is the solution improving population health and enhancing patient experience, but it is improving provider satisfaction and has been proven to reduce cost of care.

6. Innovation Award

Recognizes the CAN Health Network member who has demonstrated one of CAN Health’s core characteristics- thinking differently – to bring an innovative solution to Canadians.

Recognizing the impact chronic wounds have on the healthcare system, and that current treatment options are timely, costly, and sometimes ineffective, NanoTess created a first-of-its kind advanced wound care treatment – NanoSALV Catalytic – to support the healing of wounds and reduce the economic burden on health systems.

This company’s commercialization project in the Network saw excellent results across a diverse, real-world patient population, and the product received great feedback from health care providers and patients. Showcased by the project results, NanoSALV Catalytic is an affordable and effective advanced wound care solution that can be easily incorporated into standard of care practices.

This solution is an approved Health Canada medical device that is currently available and accessible across Canada.

7. Local Leader Award

Recognizes the CAN Health Network member who plays a paramount role in the development of the Network in their region, and demonstrates a commitment to bringing Canadian innovation into their communities.

Atlantic - Laurae Kloschinsky, Executive Director, Health Innovation Cluster

Ontario - Prathiba Harsha, Manager, Clinical Innovation

West - Patty Wickson, Executive Director